Eligibility criteria

To be a Programme Execution Partner under NIDHI- EIR program, an applicant Technology Business Incubator should:
  • Be a TBI/STEP promoted or recognized by any State or Department of Central Government of India (not-for-profit legal entity) * Amended on 4th March 2021
  • Be in existence for at least three years with proven track record of incubation;

    The years of existence for each incubator will counted from the
    • Date of Registration as a legal entity      OR
    • Date of sanction order as a TBI from State Government / Department of Central Government
    Whichever is earlier

  • Have minimum of 20 resident incubatees; and
  • Have capacity to generate pipeline of incubate and accommodate the growth in number of start-ups that can result from the NIDHI-EIR programme
NIDHI-EIR guidelines

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